The unofficial UM/Canada flag
The unofficial UM/Canada flag

Canadian Internship Grant

UMACT jointly with other Canadian UM alumni clubs will provide a need-based one-time internship grant to any current UM undergraduate or post-graduate student who has been offered an opportunity to intern or co-op at a Canadian employer. The grant is $3,000 CAD and can be used to wholly or partially compensate the internship or coop experience.

Currently coordinated with LSA Opportunity Hub (IIP), College of Engineering's International Programs in Engineering. Interns who receive an offer for an internship in Canada, will coordinate the application at UM and apply directly for selection by UMACT. The fund will be raised by University of Michigan Club of Toronto (UMACT) and other affiliated Canadian UM alumni clubs. It will be administered and disbursed through UM fundraising.

Internships are usually offered in March/April, and begin during the months of May - August, but could occur during the fall/winter months. Co-operative education can run year round. Most internship programs have a December application deadline for application review and placement to occur January through March to allow for visa application deadlines.

Employers: If you want to place an employment opportunity in Canada, please contact the following organizations to post a job description:

LSA Opportunity Hub / Global Opportunities IIP

College of Engineering International Internship